Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lots of Changes

I'm not quite sure how to start this post since it is my first one since last year. We have made many changes this year. The most important one is that Robbie got his HVAC contractor's license and started his own A/C business, E3 Mechanical. Work is slow for him but that is expected when just starting out. He is able to work all over CA but is focusing on SD County for now. I am trying to help him with paperwork and motivation. It is our business so I need to put in time and effort in order to get it really going. With my multi-tasking and organization skills and Robbie's know-how and ideas we will make it work.
Aside from helping Robbie, I am not working. I am searching for a job and going to take a few classes this Fall. I want to keep up my skills and since I can't do that on a job, I figure I'll do it in the classroom. I am also
contemplating returning for a Master'sDegree. Emphasize the word "contemplating."
We moved...again. After the 6th vandalism to our vehicles we decided that was more than enough. We packed up and moved within three days. We are much happier where we are. We have more room and it's quieter. Roxy has a small yard that Robbie also uses for storage.

Our travels have taken us to Albuquerque, Salt Lake and all over southern CA this year. We have also enjoyed visits from family and friends. We had to say goodbye to Stu, Ashley and Monroe as they moved to Dallas a couple weeks
ago. I will especially miss that little bug as she is so adorable and sweet. We wish them luck and hope things go well.
Robbie started and indoor soccer team a few months back and this week in the championship game. Good luck Robbie! I have put together a team to play next season also. We are the Weapons of Mass Distraction. I hope I have the stamina to keep up. This has been good for us to be involved in. We love soccer.
I hope to not make it so long before another post. We are looking forward to new nieces, nephews and cousins being born soon and for Robbie's business to take off. As we enjoy life, we hope you do the same.

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Jessica said...

Sounds like things are going well! You can get your business off the ground! Can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks!