Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Happy Holidays!

As another year ends I thought it would be good to add a new post. I guess this is our Christmas news letter. This has been an exciting and interesting year for us. I graduated from San Diego State University in May with a Geography degree. I worked for the City of San Diego Park and Rec dept for about 6 months. I monitored the rare plant populations of San Diego and also created a bunch of computerized maps for many environmental projects for the city. Just a month ago I started with the El Cajon Fire Dept. I am doing GIS maps (computerized cartography) that are used on the fire trucks. It is nice to be working closer to home.
Robbie has submitted his application for the CA A/C contractors license. We should be hearing back from them any time now. Unfortunately it is the holiday season so things take much longer than they should. He continues to work hard, earning his time for his license. We are hoping by next summer to have his business completely up and running. In a way he also graduated from school when I did because he has always been such a huge support and put forth a lot of effort to help me finish my degree.
In late Sept. we adopted a dog, Roxy. She is a pug mix. She keeps us active and teaches us a lot about patience and simplicity. She is so cute and lovey. She even lets me put her in sweaters.
On both sides we have had new additions to our extended families. My brother, Stuart, had a baby girl, Monroe and Robbie's sister, Katie had a baby boy, Lukas. We have not met Lukas yet, but we hear he is a good baby. Monroe is growing like a weed and I love being her aunt.
We have been very blessed with health and another year together. We hope all of our family and friends are found in good spirits and doing well. Happy Holidays and we wish the best in the new year.

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