Sunday, March 1, 2009

An Update

Robbie and I continue to work hard in either school or work. I just got word that I officially graduate college on May 22, 2009. I am too excited to explain in words but I feel it will be bitter sweet. All I have done for most of my life is school and I'm sure it will be difficult to see it go. I am ready for a change and join the big world. I have no plans of going to graduate school as of now but maybe in the future. Also, Robbie is still working on obtaining his a/c contractor's licence and will hopefully have it by the end of summer. He has passed the test, so we play the waiting game for a little while. He continues to work very hard and we are so blessed he does.
Some more exciting news, we found out that Stuart and Ashley (my brother and his wife) are having a little girl in May. They are going to name her Monroe Eva Keller. We know my mom will hold her hand unitl it's time to come to this world. I am excited to have a niece and spoil her with purple and yellow things.
We are loving life and growing closer together. Times are difficult bet we are learning so much and loving each other more each day.