Sunday, August 23, 2009

End of Summer

This is our first time updating the blog together. Usually Melea does it all by herself (I didn't even know we had a blog for a long time). Right about now Melea would be registering for classes, buying books and figuring out who was going to pay for tuition, us or the government. Instead, we are just relaxing, enjoying summer, and trying to buy a condo! We are both very relieved to not have to worry about school anymore. It took Melea a while to figure what to do with her free time after work, she had never had any of that before (and didn't even really know what it was). For a while it was driving us both crazy. For some reason she just really has to be busy.
So we are currently in the hunt for a condo. We are looking in East County and north county and everything in between. It is hard to sift through all of the bad neighborhoods and crummy complexes to find the right place. We don't want an apartment style condo, and there are so many of those on the market right now it makes searching a daunting task.
In the end of May we went to Lake Havasu with some friends and had a blast. Then in August we went with Randy and Caitlin on a Red Cross mission to Albuquerque to install air conditioning in a crazy pregnant lady's house. We'll say it was the heat that made her crazy, although Albuquerque itself might have contributed to her "condition." The mission was a success, and now Katie can enjoy her new baby in her cool house.


Katie said...

AMEN BROTHER!!! Cool house is right! It feels so wonderful. I don't cry about living in this place nearly as much! I love you!

Nancy Lane Logan said...

I am crossing my fingers and toes, you get the condo of your dreams. you two so deserve it. I love you, Mom